What will I see inside Street Stage

It’s not just a regular street art festival.
We try so hard to bring you a unique experience in enjoying a festival.
You will see some art installments, libble toys exhibition, temporary art museum, and many more : )

When’s the best time to come to Street Stage

As an old man said, “the early bird gets the worm.” You don’t want to miss some amazing artworks, do you?

What should I wear?

Keep in mind that this is an outdoor event. So you can bring your favorite clothes, but keep it casual and comfortable.
Don’t be bothered by your own clothes. Jeans and tees never wrong, in the end. :p

What is the best equipment?

We live in the tropical country, and this is May. So yeah, be prepared by bringing an umbrella or raincoat.

How do I get in? Where can I buy the tickets?

You can buy the ticket on the spot

Is this festival all ages?

Street Stage is open to all ages. As long as you are living creatures, you may come to the stage street.
As for us, there is no limit to enjoy arts :)

What Do’s and Don’ts at Street Stage?


Have fun! Bring your closest friends, colleagues, lovers, anyone! Put all your problems aside and fully enjoy this event!
As we’ve said before, wear your most favorite yet comfortable clothes to this event.
This may be the chance you make new friends, or maybe meet your soul mate. No one knows what future holds, eh?


Do not bring any kind of weapons to this event. You are not a criminal, we believe it. :)
Also, do not bring any illegal drugs. You’re not a junkie either, right?
Do not bring any alcoholic beverages.
Please do not litter. Love your environment.
Don’t provoke others, act rude, or say dirty words.
Be nice to others and they will do the same for you. Let’s make good atmosphere!