Rifky M Isa


From his early childhood through high school, Rifky made a fraudulent work without a purpose. However, since going to college, after getting to know art deeper, my mind started to open and he also began to recognize lowbrow, character design, urban toys that became his reference in the work. Usually in the work he lift things from the surrounding environment, such as personal habits or others as inspiration. In terms of visuals, he was influenced by the work of Japanese and American cartoons, comics, games are a very great influence in the year 90s and early 2000s.

“I picked a bad influence television based on personal experience from childhood until now. Then I make a figure of the imagination character named Mr. Evilsion. Mr. Evilsion is always become the main character in all my work since 2010 and applied in a variety media like drawing, painting, doodle, mural, instalation and toys. With this character I want to make it as a reminder to everyone, especially myself. I really love urban art and now just beginning to seriously pursue in the urban art scene. My dream to be a great artist and designer character and toys. Apart from the regular work that I created, I joined the new media group Wayang Cyber as a puppeter, and had joined in Ranger For arts group,”

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