Agie Kusuma Adikarta a.k.a. Kafukk, sustainable and survive in the city of Bandung as a creative worker and visual collaborators. Exploring the art in mid-2007 as an illustrator mainly for illustration work focused on the issue of human fragmentation; Popular fundamentals and scope of social pain. media used could not be separated from the paper and ink.

Kafukk has participated in several collective exhibitions, including: Jumat Jahat; Deux Experimentum (Music & Performance Arts) – Bandung 2012, Rebellious ****** – l’Institut Français d’Indonésie – Bandung 2014, Poster Arts Exb. – Los Angeles, CA 2015, Gallery R.J. Katamsi Institut Seni Indonesia – Yogyakarta 2015 dan Ex-G-Bition (MADSENSE) – G-Coffee & Food Factory, Bandung 2015

Contributed to the work in the form of collaboration, at: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – France Tour (2014), Deadly Broken Whisper (2013), Arena Experience (2012), Nebulab (2011), iAN Ottaway (2013), Sanrok Studio (2015), Loudsonic Anxiety (2014), Kresna Dwitomo (2012), and Qrimson Studio (2016).

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