As an artist, I’ve been painting on the street for this last 5 years. Changing and evolving and finding the best side of what I’m doing and what I’m searching with my character called TellThem. Focusing and spreading white bold character who inspired from the image that I saw in a magazine back in the day, an Image that showed a group who made a propaganda, posed with a paper bag to hide their faces. From that inspiration I use and developed the Idea behind it to send a message from an anonymous person, to tell what I want to say , what I feel and a respond for a social dynamics of my surounding life.

Beside from my experiences in Art and exhibition, I do have a huge of interest in Design, Architecture and Culture. Although my academic background from Industrial Design, I’ve been involved in a lot of projects including Public Space and Community Development programs with BCCF (Bandung Creative Community Forum) as a volunteer , and also a involved to developed 2 websites; www.foldmagazine .com (2009-now) a Design Product Blog and (2009-2010) an Urban Culture Research Site. In the end of 2010, with 8 of my friends from across disciplinary We’re build a studio called House the House in Bandung as a creative consultant for Urban and Rural regeneration, through design and strategy.

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