Rukmunal Hakim

Born in Bandung, at 8th December 1983, Rukmunal Hakim’s works of art oftenlly tells people about his daily experiences. Especially about women, tattoo, plants, human, and other objects that interested him to express. Hakim was born blind-colored, so in order he focused himself in black and white arts. At the moment, He still try to explore in many media like, pencil color, water color, and acrylic.

As an illustrator, Hakim’s works often appear in magazines, local and also international zines. He also frequently participates in fairs and exhibitions. In addition to participating in the exhibition regularly, like “Kopling” and “STGCC 2012”, Hakim also attended the “2nd Singapore Tattoo Show 2010”, “Twitter / Art + Social Media Exhibition 2010” at Diane Farris Gallery (Canada), “Art For Live: Fine Art Auction 2010” in Vancouver (Canada), “Trees of Life exhibition 2011” in Edinburgh (Scotland), “1st Anniversary exhibition” by Homeless Longitude 2011 in Bali, and other prestigious exhibitions both home and abroad. Furthermore, as a tattoo designer, Hakim has made tattoo designs for dozens of clients from overseas.


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