Nurachmat Widyasena (Ito)

Nurrachmat Widyasena / Mas Ito (born 1990) is an artist who lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia. he graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design ITB with Graphic Arts as the main study. Generally Nurrachmat using techniques applicable from printmaking, installation, and drawing. Using these techniques, he explores the retro-futurism studies and discourses of human destiny is being asked in the era of Space Age by way of positioning itself at the intersection of reality and fantasy. This is an attempt to create the sensation of old ideas unrealized / forgotten, retro, archaic, at the same time futuristic. Positioned himself as a a part of the the global community which celebrates the spirit of the Space Age, Nurrachmat tried to pull back to reality in the promises of modernism and the spirit celebrated by mankind in the era of the Space Age and faded in the present. How that era, people seem to have a common goal which great, which is to live better with technology as the main shaft driving.


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