Lala Bohang

Lala Bohang is a Jakarta based artist and illustrator. She went studying Architecture in Parahyangan University but then decided to revisiting her long lost love for drawing until now. Her artistic process begin as a child raised in small town where she didn’t have a lot of options of entertainment, drawing and reading becoming her major escapism every time boredom strikes.. Through drawing, lala present a story about herself and others without any boundaries and pretentious. She mostly use black and white as her language at her artwork, but she refuse to be labeled as a black and white artist, because for her black and white just her current signature, and as a human being she can not cease to grow, to experience new things consequently she will develop, change, and she made a promise to herseld that she won’t stop herself from growing.

Lala is the recipient of “The Best in Art – Best Collective Art” by Juice Magazine (2011) , one of the selected Indonesian illustrators for GAP South East Asia “0% Plastic Bag” Campaign (2011), speakers for Pecha Kucha Jakarta Vol. 10 “Visualize Jakarta” (2012) , and selected Key Opinion Leader for Green Sands Indonesia “Escape” program (2013) . She recently held an event Gambar Lebih Lanjut , a workshop and talkshow program to expose advanced exploration and development on drawing medium such as screen printing, paper cutting, animation, commercial illustration, installation, and comic.


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