Fluxcup is an artist of the Internet era. From behind the walls of an anonymous on-screen persona. Fluxcup (Yusuf Ismail) celebrates and denigrates the Internet’s hold on culture with a cynical balance of irony and seemingly deliberate obnoxiousness. Gaining popularity through a variety of social media accounts, Fluxcup’s claim to fame rose when he began uploading joke videos onto YouTube dubbed with his and his friend’s voices. The dubs themselves are by nature absurd and have a slew of Indonesian references, which, paired with the mostly international-sourced videos, resulted in an offbeat kind of humor that is more ‘weird’ than ‘funny’. His YouTube channel, which now has more than 20,000 subscribers, led to shorter videos on Instagram ‘ on which he has more than 14,000 followers ‘ and Twitter, where even more people get a taste of Fluxcup’s particular brand of comedy.


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