Texture By The Tempo


It’s not all about paint. Because we already selected the finest talents to set some tunes and take care the vibe during the show



1453010993740(square)Met while enrolled at art school in Bandung, she was in a band and he did too, they bonded over the love of music. The fusion of images and sounds become their vision in mixing their musical knowledge to create something new and exciting moods. To describe Radit & Citra as DJ, doesn’t feel quite about right. They are the weird ones, who just keen on the mixes of pop melody and old school tunes, and with that, hopefully they’ll nail a back-to-back combo.



maleekAs a newcomer in Bandung electronic scene, Maleek has nothing but the excitement for learning new things as a tune-selector. His enthusiasm for disco, deep house, and underground dance music as well as his praise to bourbon on-the-rock had turned himself from a head-banging band member into a non-stop swaying electronic tune-selector.

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