Libble Toys Exhibition


“Libble Toys’ is a toy that intentionally designed by a street artist from Bandung, Indonesia,” Tellthem “. This toy is inspired by the shape of the atomic bomb “Little Boy”, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. “Make Art Not War” is a campaign promoted by Street Stage for this activity. The 25 centimeters high toys have been responded by 30 artists selected.


Septian Tito  Nadira  Djali  ALREZKY  Tito Satya  Lala Bohang  Cahya Sofyan  Dinan Hadyan  nabilla sukmawardhani  ito  OLDeRPLUS  radhinal indra  rukmunal hakim  ABIYASA  AUFA  BEMO  BOYAN  KAFUK  LAMBANG  MASDIMBOY  RIFKY            THUFEIL

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