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Feel hungry? Don’t worry. Street Stage will provide various kind of food and beverages for your tummy




Ametori Logo Hi ResAmetori is a brainchild of Batara, Andreas, Edward and $andy, which born from the mixture of Brooklyn and Osaka culture based yakitori restaurant. Our head chef, Batara who took 6 months of Japanese cuisine course in 4 cities in Japan came back to Indonesia and willingly to follow his passion in food industries and decide to open Ametori with their friends.

With his knowledge in Japanese Cuisine, Batara emphasizing Ametori as izakaya (small street restaurant which serve mostly Japanese style skewers known as Yakitori). Ametori also offering American taste in our sauces and grill style. We offers best poultry skewers like Momo (thigh) and Negima (breast) with AAA quality which will deliver total juicy in every bite. You also have to try our signature food like Tsukune (Minced chiken in sausages style), Gyutan (tongue) and KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower). Ametori has three main sauces which is Tare (sweet Japanese sauce), Shiyo (salty) and Honey BBQ. For beverages we have the likes of Butter beer and Calpis (sweet and sour Japanese Yogurt).


Brother Jonn & Sons’

logo BJS Brother Jonn & Sons is a burger joint based in Bandung that using a foodtruck as its hospitality-media. Brother Jonn & Sons has a concept of 1950’s american-atomic age with some cartoonish characters to be its vehicle for penetrating market with the exuberant feel. The seriousness for preparing a proper hamburger (especially the patty and the buns) with some twist is the core soul of Brother Jonn & Sons’ business.

Let’s say Brother Jonn is a product oriented kind of business. The patty’s recipe is made in 1984. It’s true! Brother Jonn’s mother company is Suis Butcher which has been developing many kind of meat including patty from 1984. Brother Jonn’s patty is like an art. It’s a premium made-to-order patty based on fresh meat that processed daily. Brother Jonn’s burger is made by love and passion. Brother Jonn & Sons is a representative of a culinary business which stand for every goodness of the food.

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