Alrezky Caesaria

Alrezky Caesaria, a Bandung-based artist, was born in Bandung, January 15th 1992. She finished her study in Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2013, majored in fine arts. Recently, she is doing an exploration of pixel that originated from digital into three dimensions real form. As an artist, she always interested in pixel, as if it is her playground of imagination. Her recent exhibitions that she participated were Mini Art Project (2014) in Galeri Soemardja, Urban Alienation (2015) in WAGA Gallery, ANGERVILSION (2015) in Omnispace, and Beta Test No. 8 (2016) in Ruang Gerilya. She is also active in an organization called YIFI (Young Indonesian Female Initiatives), in which she contributed to make art easily accessible by non-art related audience.


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