Herzven or used to be called, Herz, born in Jakarta, July 7, 1993. Now he active in the frenzied world of art both in national and international scale. Since the last 5 years in particular are interested in the world of visual, especially in illustrations, which later evolved as he explores his high school education and choose to pursue his passion, so he continued his college education at the Polytechnic of Creative Media Department of Graphic Design.

During his studies Herz active in creating, not quite up there Herz chose to join the community on campus, ie the KOMPENI (Komunitas Pencinta Seni) and being the mastermind in a routine event that is done by the community such as, “GERILYA VISUAL” an event involving street artists in Indonesia. After finishing his higher education Herz now become a designer in an Extreme Sport Clothing named WEEY!

Several exhibitions and achievements have been achieved, one of them is exhibition named “MEGALAUPOLITAN” 2014 at Waga Gallery, Art Exhibition ARTCHIPELAGO 2015 at the National Gallery, the winner of Secret Wall x 2015 at JCC Senayan Jakarta, and others. Until now Herz still active and productive in the world of street art in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and Depok.